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so my school had this thing called “senior skip day,” except that senior skip day didn’t exist and every year the administration sent out emails in the spring that were like DON’T FUCKIN SKIP CLASS OR YOU WILL RECEIVE RESTRICTION (restriction was like, my boarding school’s equivalent of detention where instead of staying after school you had to go to bed early and help stuff envelopes advertising the summer program until your hands were BLOODIED AND CRIPPLED BY CARPAL TUNNEL) and every year the seniors were like YOLO THEY CAN’T PUNISH ALL OF US!!!!!

  • spoiler alert: yes they can? THEY ALWAYS CAN.
  • 200 years of american high school and teenagers still think that there is a cap limit on kids in detention and that you can leave after 15 minutes if the teacher doesn’t show up.

anyway, my senior year, we all got together and nattered at each other until some brave soldier (i feel like it was my friend paula but WHO KNOWS) was like “OK SENIOR SKIP DAY IS THIS THURSDAY!!!! NOBODY GO TO CLASS OR UR A SCAB.”

  • she didn’t say scab because she’s not from the 1920s and we aren’t newsies, though this story would be way more interesting if we were
  • what she said was “YOLO THEY CAN’T PUNISH ALL OF US!!!!!”
  • except not yolo because it was 2009 and drake hadn’t been invented yet except as a dear sweet boy in a wheelchair.

we also used this email system to communicate with one another that has very deeply informed the way i understand email and which probably makes it very frustrating to be my friend and receive emails that have subject lines like “URGENT” and then just 42 links to the same florida georgia line youtube video.

  • I’M NOT ASHAMED, but in that way where like i kind of AM ashamed so i’m really aggressively NOT ashamed? 

so the day of reckoning rolls around and my alarm goes off at 8 (class started at 8:05 but i liked to PLAY WITH FIRE when it came to being late; my mom actually asked the school to stop emailing her when i was a sophomore because i was late so often that their rote “Mrs. Ofgeography we are emailing you to say—” was CLOGGING UP HER INBOX and she was like “i GET IT MY CHILD IS THE MOST BORING MISCREANT OF ALL TIME.”) and i looked at my roommate elle and she looked at me and went, “you going?”

"hell no," i said. "YOLO. they can’t punish all of us."

elle, who was far prettier and far cooler than i was with the notable exception of her obsession with tswift’s “love story” and her tendency to look at the endangered species list and cry sometimes during study hall, quickly bizounced across the street to this shopping center thing where all the cool kids smoked in secret where huge trucks dropped off clothes for the Dress Barn. i think there were also tennis courts nearby. more importantly there was this chinese food delivery place and a lil restaurant that made HELLA BAGELS.

  • HELLA.

off goes elle! meanwhile i’m like, “yessssss i’m gonna use senior skip day to watch 14 hours of tv shows and eat frozen peanut butter bars that i stole from the dining hall! I’M GONNA LIVE LIKE I’M 23 ALONE IN CHICAGO ON A WEEKEND WHEN MY ONLY PLAN IS TAKEOUT AND CUDDLING WITH THE FAUX-SNOW-LEOPARD BLANKET I WILL ONE DAY SURELY OWN.” 

of course, during this time the administration was continuing to send out emails that reminded us with increasing urgency that senior skip day was NOT A THING and that we were ALL GETTING RESTRICTION if we didn’t get our STUPID ASSES TO CLASS, GODDAMNIT, WE ARE NOT RUNNING A CIRCUS HERE. 

but i was like! yolo, motherfuckers!!! i already got into college, YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME.

at some point during the day elle and our friend ginna came back to the room with takeout from the chinese delivery place and we sat on our floor eating it and probably watching veronica mars or looking at the endangered species list and crying.

all of a sudden, elle said, “guys shut up, guys shut up, GUYS SHUT UP,” and ginna and i were like, “WHAT we have a LOT to SAY about FRIED FUCKING DUMPLINGS, ELLE," and elle said, "did you hear that?"

"hear what?"


'that' was the sound of one of our dorm moms, mrs. f, knocking on doors and saying things like, “IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR BUTTS TO CLASS IN 5 MINUTES YOU'RE ON CATEGORY 4 RESTRICTION FOREVER.” elle quickly scampered up our raised beds to hide in the corner, where a tiny human like elle could actually hide from view; i leapt immediately into what we called a closet but was basically a cubby with a flap that was DEFINITELY not meant for a 5'8” individual with knobby as hell knees.

our door, which was never locked because we both hated the effort of typing in the lock code, opened. mrs. f said, “mollyhall?”

i held my breath. 

  • i should add here that i seemed to be operating on like a scooby-doo level of logic where basically i thought that she was somehow NOT ALLOWED to investigate?
  • like, if she can’t see me, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that she could prove i’m in here, right?
  • she’ll just poke her head in and be like oH GOSH NO KIDS HERE and leave!!

you can see the flaw in my logic.

mrs. f sighed. “mollyhall, i know you’re in here, i literally heard your voice ten seconds ago.”

  • there’s no WAY she guesses i’m in the closet!!!

"mollyhall, i know you’re in the closet."



there was a creak. mrs. f stopped. it wasn’t actually a “creak,” so much as this like, prolonged groan? like it’s the sound an elephant would make if it sat on a really large accordion.

i poked my head out of the closet. mrs. f looked at me. elle sat up.

i said, “where’s ginna?”


"um," said elle, "she’s in the—"


ginna yes.

i really wish i could describe the sound the ceiling made when it collapsed. it sounded a lot like the way losing your breath feels. i sort of remember ginna falling in like, really slow motion, like i could see the expression on her face. i didn’t really think about how i would describe this in words. ginna’s face said:

  • oh no.
  • what have i done?
  • this was a mistake. 
  • i regret a series of decisions that i have made.
  • is there a way out of this?
  • are those oreos under mollyhall’s pillow?
  • why are there oreos under mollyhall’s pillow?
  • mollyhall, you HAVE a food cupboard, what good is a food cupboard if you don’t—
  • oh, crap.

she belly flopped onto the floor. i mean, the girl bounced. and then she just laid there. mrs. f looked at her. elle looked at her. i looked at her, still mostly in the closet. we were all going to get category 4 restriction forever.

ginna said, “hi, mrs. f. i feel like i should explain.”


No but really the level of my non breathing silent laugh sobs is pretty intense right now.

I have at least seven students who would totally do this in exactly this manner.


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SHE’S MADE OF OUTER SPACEA mix for a lonely astronaut and her alien girlfriend or  maybe a stargazing girl and the girl who gazes back or the woman in the moon and and the daughter of the earth. It’s about space lesbians, okay? [listen]

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whatwouldoharawear replied to your post “pros: i’m happy the show is dealing with some of the issues i’ve…”

They’d better deliver the Joanna power goods next week, otherwise it’ll be such a cop-out. IMHO, I think Frederick will die so the girls can live… But will Joanna make him do it? Also Tarkoff is clearly not dead, so…

(you’re back hurray!) Yeah, I think Frederick’s days are numbered… unless they cut some sort of horrible deal with their dad to get him to reverse the curse.  

We’ve had an awful lot of tell about joanna’s powers, but zero show. Come on writers, don’t let me down.

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Never ending list of flawless people →  Idina Menzel

↳ “I think I hid my singing talent from a lot of my friends at school because I didn’t want to alienate anyone. If everyone was singing along in the car to a Madonna song, I didn’t join in because when we’re younger we’re afraid of sticking out or showing off, when in fact we should own those things that make us really unique.” 
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Italy + Water  x

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Don’t mess with the Beauchamps.

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Hatshepsut was one of the most powerful women in the ancient world. She was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt and she ruled longer than any other woman in Egyptian history. Hatshepsut was married to her sickly half brother, Thutmose II, and the two of them began to co-rule after the death of their father, Thutmose I, in 1492 BC In 1479 BC, Thutmose II died and Hatshepsut continued to rule by herself until her own death in 1458 BC. It is believed by many Egyptologists and historians that Hatshepsut was one of Ancient Egypt’s most successful monarchs. She commissioned many building projects and reestablished trade networks that had been disrupted by the Hyksos invaders of the Second Intermediate Period. Hatshepsut also led a large-scale expedition to the Land of Punt, a wealthy and sophisticated country to the south of Egypt. Hatshepsut is also believed to have led successful military campaigns in Nubia, the Levant, and Syria during her reign.

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space witches

"we ourselves are made of star dust"
(carl sagan)

they find can understand the movements of the planets, interpret the darkest creases of the night sky. they find themselves aglow with starlight.

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For so long, all I wanted was for you to love me, to accept me. I thought it was my honor I wanted, but really, I was just trying to please you. You, my father, who banished me just for talking out of turn. My father, who challenged me, a thirteen-year-old boy, to an Agni Kai. How could you possibly justify a duel with a child?

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Nobody wants to tune in and watch fluffy, dumb female roles and just make them look sexy and give them some witch powers. Maybe it would appeal to a small group of people but it’s nothing that we would be very interested in playing, and we all try really hard to really ground what we’re doing and make sure it makes sense as a grounded character and not play the fluff. Give it some real levity to everything we do. I’m just so thankful to be working with these amazing three actresses, Jenna [Dewan-Tatum], Rachel [Boston] and Julia [Ormond], just so thankful. We bonded immediately when we started filming and our bond is just getting stronger and stronger as we go. So very thankful.

We’re definitely seeing good characters. At what I would say the height of my career, coming off of Twin Peaks and doing films and things it was just so frustrating because really the only roles that were available to women were just like the decoration, just like the sex object, and I never had any interest in playing that, so I would turn down big box office movies that probably would have been good for my career financially but I just didn’t want to play that, I wanted to explore good female characters which kind of led me more into more offbeat independent stuff.

But now to see some really good strong female characters and to see that it’s successful, that people pay money to go to the box office to see it and they sit down at their TV and watch it, and it’s not just a female viewership, it’s just as much male, it’s amazing and we have to pay attention and keep making more stories like that. Not have it just be a wave.

Mädchen Amick in Witches of East End Season 2 Has “Raised the Stakes” on SciFiNow

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 screams and sobs the death of the girls wasn’t even the worst part the worst part was joanna’s screams and the face care to share some of that wine? 

I’d love to share a glass of red with you as we drink our suffering away.  Julia killed that scene man; her distress was palpable even though they cut the sound out… ugh. 

I think wendy will be okay. It may look dicey for a bit, but madchen is so so popular on the show and she’s so invested with the fans on twitter.  she’ll be okay. I’m actually more worried that they might kill off jo… ugh I wouldn’t be able to watch the show w/o her :( :(


;out- i’m just… that scene killed me. it killed me so much. i mean, it already killed me that wendy was in pain because of tommy. because she really does love him and it kills me that it probably ends badly. because in her eyes, love was already pain. “someone either leaves or dies”. I just really hope the writers fix this, otherwise i will be really mad.

and yeah, she is popular and invested, buuuut i saw an interview where she said that something happens on the show and that she really honestly has no idea if she will be back. plus, an interview with maggie, where maggie said the season will end, and i quote, “on a few massive cliffhangers”. my guess is, that at the end of the season we will have no idea if wendy is alive or dead. and it will kill me to wait until season 3 (if they renew it) to know if she’s alive. i am fairly sure joanna is safe, since she was also in the books. but wendy wasn’t in the books and she wasn’t even supposed to be in the show after the pilot, hence why i am so worried.

oh god… wendyyyyyyyyyy. no we must believe. believe that wendy will be okay.  

believe that the show will be okay lol. i’ll be holding my breath until we get the green light for the renewal. (in the books, joanna has a sister, but she’s the queen of hell and no half as much fun as wendy. i really prefer wendy)

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